New Cowl Pattern is ready!

By Megan Goodacre

New Cowl Pattern is ready!

I recently discovered that I am a "Get It Done" task manager. Well, I always knew that, I just didn't know it had a name and that there are others like me in the world.

For GID's it is essential to write lists and check things off the list, and I'm very pleased to check off the Ferguson Cowl as Done. Big ol' checkmark in that box. The pattern is ready. A big thank you to the testing group on Rav for producing their own beautiful Fergusons. And thanks as always to my mom for proofing it for me.

The final thing on the check list for me is always "take photographs" and I procrastinate as long as I can. I love photographing things. Skeins of yarn, furniture, other people's children... But myself?? Gak. It's the worst.

So when Charles volunteers to take the pictures, I get peevish. It's not pretty. So a big thank you to Charles for being my photographer today, even though he did take a lot of pictures of me making stupid faces. (Those shots are not included).