New Gatineau Hat pattern is ready

By Megan Goodacre

New Gatineau Hat pattern is ready

Another hat pattern! I am so into knitting hats these days. They're just so much faster than sweaters. Durh.

miski720Gatineau is worked in worsted weight, and you can get two hats out of four 50-gram skeins. I used these four lovely skeins of Mirasol Miski. I'm a sucker for pretty skeins like this. But then I come home and think, what can I make out of 75 meters of yarn? The answer, of course, is colour work.

I hope you enjoy Gatineau. It has a nice traditional feel to it. Yes, there is some stranded colour knitting, but never fear! This is the good kind. Nice small repeats so you don't have to weave in the floats. All in forgiving worsted weight, and only a few rounds.

hatrecipelaunchAnd in other hat news, I wrote a How to Knit a Hat recipe to accompany the Idiot's Guide to Knitting quite a while ago. But I didn't have it on my site because I wanted a modelled photo, and then I honestly forgot about it. So if you want to design your own hat, this handy (and free!) recipe will help! It includes a striped sport weight pattern for the hat in the photo, plus an infant hat in worsted weight, but mainly it gives you the power to make your own hat pattern, using your selected yarn weight, needle size and stitch gauge. Add some colour, stripes, texture, cables, or whatever your like!