New Hooded Cardigan Pattern

By Megan Goodacre

New Hooded Cardigan Pattern

You might remember I posted about trying to knit a sweater in 5 days, back in February. Well, I did get it done, and shipped in time. And then, the magazine didn't get published. Gah.

You may or may not have been following the Online Uproar about All Craft Media and Knit magazine. In a uncharacteristic Glass-Half-Full move, I'm not going to include links to the Ravelry discussion, it's not very uplifting. Let's all agree to move forward and look for silver linings.

And so the Kitsilano Cardigan pattern will be available here on Tricksy Knitter very soon. (Kitsilano or Kits is a neighborhood in Vancouver. I believe it's a Squamish word, but don't know the meaning or etymology of the word... anyone?) This summer-themed cardigan is a casual little cover-up, seamless, top-down, with knit-in bands and pockets.

Flattering shaping and a pretty hood, and a very fast knit. I'm not suggesting that all sweaters should be finished in 5 days, but it's nice to know it can be done. You will need a fan to help with drying time. Oh yes, the 5 days includes wet blocking.

And in going over the pattern today, I remembered I've always intended to write a little article on provisional cast on's. So I introduced 3 common methods and where to find the tutorials here: provisional cast on.