New pattern for Knit Pick's new Lindy Chain!

By Megan Goodacre

New pattern for Knit Pick's new Lindy Chain!

I have a stupid cold and it is making me sound like a pubescent male. I'm glad you can't hear me.

Lots happening! Remember those 4 WIP's? And I said I would get 3 of 4 off the needles? Well, I finally did. The 4th is on hold for cooler weather. And it's like, 75% done.

And I can now talk openly about the third project! If you've been looking at Knit Picks today, then you probably saw that they announced a new linen yarn, called Lindy Chain. That means I can announce the new pattern that I've been working on for Lindy Chain!

First, the yarn.

Tricksy Knitter: Lindy Chain yarn by knit picksLindy Chain is a sweet little yarn. 70 % linen, 30% pima cotton, in a heavy-ish fingering weight. The colour shown is called, appropriately, Linen.

Linen is a wonderful fibre to wear in warmer weather. It has a soft, papery texture, but it also has strength. Of course, linen is one of the more challenging fibres to work with, and can elicit a lot of cursing, but I've always thought the effort to be worth it. It's quite crisp (one could say crispy) at first, like dried grass. It blocks beautifully, revealing each stitch etched into the knitting. Lindy is softened by the 30% cotton.

The chain construction of Lindy Chain is very helpful for holding it together; you can knit and watch TV and not worry that you're splitting your stitches.

Knit Picks designed a lovely colour palette for Lindy Chain with vintage sensibilities, with several muted tints, and some really nice jewels tones. I like that there is a nice array of neutrals: Swan, Linen, Sliver, Gosling, Chocolate, Ash, and Plum. Gosling especially is an excellent warm neutral that would go with anything.


And now, the pattern.

Tricksy Knitter: Claro Wrap knitting pattern

I'm calling it Claro. Clear and bright, not as feminine sounding as Claire, and also Spanish for "right". As in Si, claro! Yes, of course!

When Knit Picks invited me to design something for their new yarn (and yes, I do love it when that happens) I first envisioned a long rectangular wrap with a grid pattern of large eyelets throughout. But after knitting for about 10 inches, I thought that a single stitch pattern for 5 balls of yarn was a little too monotonous for summer knitting. Summer knitting is done in little bits and pieces, in between swimming, travelling, grilling, and refilling your gin and tonic. It needs to be more like a light but unpredictable novel with new characters every few chapters. So I changed the concept.

Instead of being all symmetrical, and balanced, I turned it into a mix. Each stitch pattern responds to the one that came before it. When you wear it, you get a new arrangement of eyelets and textures every time.

Tricksy Knitter: Claro Wrap knitting pattern

And, of course, if you're knitting along, and you think, I really like this stitch pattern, you can keep on going with it!

Will it be available soon? Si, claro! Okay, I have everything charted and checked, written and proofed. I just need some nice outdoor photos. I will put out a newsletter when it's ready!

Tricksy Knitter: Claro Wrap knitting pattern

PS. It's funny, when you're trying to finish knitting something, and it seems to be Taking Forever, there is that sense of relief when you bind off. "Phhptt," you think, "knitting! Who needs it?" And then 5 minutes later, you're starting to panic because you haven't cast on the next project.