NEW pattern, the Claro Wrap!

By Megan Goodacre

NEW pattern, the Claro Wrap!

It's ready! The new Claro Wrap pattern is ready!

Knitting something in cotton and linen is like a cool drink on a hot day. Light and airy, and somehow cool to the touch. So when Knit Picks developed a new linen cotton blend, Lindy Chain, I was all over it like... like... chocolate ice cream on a toddler? spaghetti sauce on a white blouse? leaves on a tree? You can tell it's hot here, because my brain is starting to go.

And do you notice something new? Yes! Someone else modelling for me! I recently started asking some beautiful women I know to model, and they very graciously accepted. (Amy, in the Claro pictures, is one. The other, Nicole, I can't show you yet, it's a secret!) And what an epiphany for me. I love photography, and have managed, painfully, to overcome my own issues of being in photos (when it's digital and you're taking your own, you can retake and retouch as much as you want) but taking your own pictures is not easy. Getting the right composition and focus is very tricky when you are in front of the camera.

I'm still new at directing and styling someone besides myself, and have a lot to learn. But I enjoy it so much! You get to look for the very best shot, and it's so easy to appreciate someone else's beauty. I usually put off the final phase of pattern design, the modelled shots, but now, I'm totally rejuvenated.

Amy is also a crafty knitter herself, and is always jogging or playing ultimate or organizing a knit night. One of those dynamo-type people who seems to know everyone! She made me feel welcome in Ottawa as soon as we met. A good egg.

Claro is a fun little pattern. I designed it with summer in mind. Instead of one motif, or a symmetrical arrangement, it's a medley of easy openwork. Nothing tricky, no grafting, no complicated lace. Every time you start to get a little bored, you hop on to another stitch pattern. Like being at a party and just as you're thinking of heading home, someone presses a fresh gin and tonic into your hand... Yes, it is hot in my studio right now. You can really tell.

So check it out, and enjoy! And yes, I do recommend Lindy Chain. It's nice to work with, makes a lovely crisply textured fabric that softens as you wear it, and has great yardage.