New Trifle Shawl pattern

By Megan Goodacre

New Trifle Shawl pattern

I'm pleased to let you know that the Trifle Shawl pattern is ready and in the pattern shop. My goal with this one was to make a one-skein accessory pattern for something lacy but not too advanced.

The Oaklet Shawl pattern has received such a positive response, that I wanted to make another shawl. I'm starting to realize that although The Cardigan may be my favourite knitted item for the wardrobe, smaller accessories are often more appropriate for the knitter. We often knit things as gifts, and a sweater is tricky to fit, especially if you're knitting a gift in secret.

There are so many beautiful shawl patterns available, so it was difficult to figure out where to fit another one in. And I'm not a shawl or lace expert, so I approached this from the point of view of someone who answers a lot of questions about knitting techniques.

The amazing thing about knitting lace is that it uses only a few techniques, well within the grasp of most beginner knitters: if you can make an eyelet, you can probably (with care and patience) knit lace. It's just decreases and increases.

You know what it's like when you show someone how to cut a paper snowflake? That simple recipe of geometry and perforations can yield beautiful positive and negative shapes. So Trifle takes advantage of the chemistry of the knitting grid. Start with a simple rectangle, add to it along the sides at a steady rate with yarn overs, you get a pie shaped section. Line up those sections, sprinkle in a few diamonds, and cool stuff happens.