New tutorials!

By Megan Goodacre

New tutorials!

I'm in a tutorial mood these days apparently. Maybe it's because I have my tripod all set up and Charles helped me get my shelves up. My studio is getting less dysfunctional.

Three new knitting tutorials today!

Provisional Cast on part 1
How to knit a provisional cast on, step by step, using a crocheted chain as the foundation

Provisional Cast on part 2
How to work from a provisional cast on. If you want things to line up, you'll need the right number of loops in each direction

Basic Stitch Anatomy
Understand why you need that extra half loop when picking up from a provisional cast on

In other news, I'm a little short on my goal of finishing 3 of 4 knitting projects by the end of last week. Unless I could build a time machine. But they are coming along. The 2nd of 4 is almost done. I stalled on some shoulder shaping, but picked it up again. More on that later.