New yarn for the stash: Berroco Remix

By Megan Goodacre

New yarn for the stash: Berroco Remix

I've blogged about Berroco Remix before, but I'm excited about these new colours. Berroco Remix yarn has a lovely humble quality in the ball; it's not flashy or exotic, the colours are everyday, practical colours – blue, green, grey, red, charcoal, cream.

But when you knit with it, your really see the depth of colour and feel the softness of the fiber blend. I like that it's made of recycled fibers, but without compromising colour choice.

It has a little bit of drape and softness, it's non-itchy (because we all know someone who's a little sensitive) and has a generous 200m per ball. Love the colour depth of the warm grey.

This batch is destined to be a belated birthday sweater for mountain-man Charles, thus the mountain colour combo. Poor guy watches sweaters piling up on my side of the dresser, and quietly waits for his.

Berroco Stash Yarn