Notebook Proofs

By Megan Goodacre

Notebook Proofs

The proofs for the covers came today. (The proofs give us a very close idea of how the covers will look when they're manufactured.) It's a blast, once all the files and most of the hard design work is done and the technical bits are figured out, to get the printed proofs. It means you're in the home stretch and you get to see your digital work come to life.

And we're pretty pleased with how it's going. I don't want to spoil the surprise too much, so no detailed photos yet, but you can see we're adding some new colours and a couple of whimsical options.

The graph notebooks have been a big hit since we first introduced them in January. It was quite a big step for Tricksy Knitter, going from selling digital patterns online to developing actual real-life products.

Working with Wayside Press, which is right here in British Columbia, was a fun process. You get to design every element, from the ink colour to the paper choice to the size to the binding to the packaging.

It's also a little nerve wracking, because, well, you have to design every element. There are a lot of details along the way that need consideration (or there are if you're obsessive like I am).

Like the paper; it was important to me that it was recycled, but also that it would work well with a variety of media, and that it would stand up to both ink and eraser. So I tried out the paper samples personally to make sure they would be up to our expectations.

And the size of the notebook, 8 x 9, is meant to be a nice knitting bag size, but it's also designed to use the cover stock efficiently; I didn't want to have any unnecessary waste.

More teasers coming...