Oh summer...

By Megan Goodacre

Oh summer...

Remember that kilo of jelly beans that led to 20 skeins? (24 if I'm completely honest, but I always round down) This is what's left.

And you can tell that summer boredom is setting in, because after we played cribbage last night, we spent quite a long time identifying the difference between Tangerine, Orange, Orange Soda and Cantelope, and then arranging all of the beans by colour. Except Watermelon which just couldn't fit so we ate them.

One last post for July, and then Tricksy Knitter will be on blog-vacation. I'll still be knitting and scheming and answering messages. But the blog will rest while we all recharge our batteries.

Have a great July everyone! Oh and Happy America day for you Americans! We had our day first, on Monday, so we win. ;-)