One hundred patterns!

By Megan Goodacre

One hundred patterns!

Something weird happened with our web host this summer. We lost some programming that Charles did, which is a pain, but I think we're back to normal. He had to make some fixes to the free pattern section. If you're trying to get a free pattern, scroll down to the bottom of the pattern page; on most of them, you'll see a green button that says Download Now. On some of them, you'll have to click Add to Cart and then checkout. The link to the file will be emailed to you.

I received some copies of Burnished. And ooh-la-la, what a gorgeous book. I was expecting something a little thinner, but it's actually a solid item, on crisp high quality stock, with a sturdy matte finished cover. And it is an actual book, with an ISBN and everything.

I just noticed that the two patterns in Burnished bring my pattern count in Ravelry to 100! That's a nice sounding number isn't it?


PS. What is with the spam these days? I don't know what list I'm on. I do not want to date the "fruits of Colombian women" whatever that means, or "skyrocket my muscle growth" which sounds slightly dangerous. I'm sure Colombian women are very nice though.