One more sleep and Blueberry Hill

By Megan Goodacre

One more sleep and Blueberry Hill

One more sleep until Christmas. One offspring too cool for school sleeps like a log (sorry, double cliche in one sentence) and has only rattled one present (to my knowledge).

The other, younger, offspring is slowly losing his mind in a strange universe of hyperactivity, sleep deprivation, anticipation, and poor nutrition. He alternates between spinning in place (more than usual) and experimenting with catatonia. He also invented a game where he lies flat on his back on the couch, feet waving in the air, chanting in a spooky voice, "I'm doing maahgic with myy feeeeet...". Can't wait until the 26th.

As I scramble to finish a very important gift today—strangely, it is not knitting-related, but digital, and technical problems have slowed down my progress—I wanted to post a shout-out to the crafting blog On Blueberry Hill by Andrea Hungerford. It's a very lovely blog, with knitting, sewing, and more. There are lots of great craft ideas there for the holidays too, if you're looking for ways to keep hysterical children occupied.

Andrea has made the Paravel Wrap once in the original width, and twice in a modified scarf version, which works really well. The original wrap width is a lot of knitting, and can test your endurance. It's also a lot of accessory to fit around your neck; the narrower version is pretty and dainty.

Pink Paravel: Sundara worsted silky alpaca (70% baby alpaca, 30 % tussah silk) in color Rhythm of the Saints held double with Alchemy Haiku (40% silk, 60% mohair), color Azalea Trail.

Azure Paravel: Sweet Georgia CashLuxe Fine in Summer Skin.

Green Paravel: Sweet Georgia CashLuxe Fine in Pistachio (same as original!)