Photo challenges

By Megan Goodacre

Photo challenges

Yesterday, the weather did not cooperate.

As I mentioned, I have 82 skeins of Sweatermaker Yarns bounty that will be available for knitting knits, soon. But I have to photograph the skeins.

This can be challenging. Heading outside is the best way to get lots of light, but means I am at the mercy of the weather. We struggled with the harsh sunlight, then the clouds. I swatted away tiny midges. Charles brought a tarp to protect everything from moisture.

As soon as I photographed this one skein, kaboom, it starts to rain, thunder, etc.

I was feeling pretty fed up. The bright sun, humidity, heat, all made me feel like having a princess tantrum. Here's poor Charles, so patiently helping.

Tricksy Knitter: photo challengesBut then I looked at my test photos, and I love the top photo, with the open skein. (That's a multi coloured skein of Maggie, 70 silk 30 cashmere, hand dyed by Sweatermaker Yarns).

And I'm pretty stoked. As long as it doesn't rain, if I can get shots like the one above, I'll be pleased.

I have a lot of multi-hued skeins, so I tried several test "poses" for the yarn. I don't want it to look messy, or interfered with, but I do want to convey the range of colour in the skein. The top photo, with the opened skein, shows the hints of ochre, bronze, and deep violet. The bottom photo shows how the skein looks closed. Tidy, but you don't see the range. It's quite a bit more work to style them opened since it requires more primping (skeins are such divas) but it's worth it.


Tricksy Knitter: Sweatermaker Yarns Cashmere and Silk