By Megan Goodacre


A quick post today, just a teaser for a sweet Christmas hat pattern I'm working on. I can't wait to show you. But for now, just a picture of one of the yarns I'm using for it. This is Rimu fingering weight, from Zealana, 50% New Zealand Merino, 40% Possum.

Now that I can see it knit up, I can really see that it has a lovely soft grey halo. Really lovely. I wonder if that's the possum, or the sheep?

When I said to Charles, "This yarn has possum in it," he looked blankly at me for a second, then said, "Oh! You mean possum hair".

The word "possum" conjurs several visual images simultaneously:

David Attenborough talking about river possums, which are awesome.

Pogo the possum.

Dilbert's "with all due respect..." joke: With all due respect, is that your face, or did a possum crawl down your shirt?

Playing possum.


Update December 17: To see the softness of the possum yarn after it's wet blocked, check out the Strathcona Beanie