Power Cables Book

By Megan Goodacre

Power Cables Book

Another thing I have to conceal from my family, besides the size of my yarn stash, is the size of my book collection. If Charles says something like, "This shelf didn't used to bend like this," I reply, "The children must have broken it."

You can always blame the children. I do the same thing with my books that I do with my yarn stash. Break it into stacks, and rotate it from room to room so you can never see its magnitude.

This one, Power Cables by Lily Chin, is a nice little addition to the knitter's bookshelf. Most knitters are familiar with your basic cable: hold a few stitches to the front or back with a cable needle, knit a few stitches, then knit the held stitches. Even the most basic cable is a fantastic visual detail on a sweater.

Cables are mesmerizing. (Do you ever stare at a stranger's sweater in the grocerly line up, trying to figure out the cable pattern so you can knit it later? No, neither do I, don't be ridiculous).

Power Cables is very nicely laid out, good illustrations, photos and charts. It includes basic cables, travelling cables, reversible cables, mock cables (my personal favorite because they don't require a cable needle).

It's published by Interweave, so it has an excellent illustrated knitting technique glossary at the end.powercables-book2