Shipping and a glass of water

By Megan Goodacre

Shipping and a glass of water

I do enjoy the day after I send out a newsletter with new Sweatermaker Yarns knitting kits. It reminds me of making popcorn on the stove. You turn on the heat, and wait. There's that little bit of tension… then, pop! And then just a faint sizzle. And then Pop! Pop! Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop! That's kind of what it's like. One order will come in, another, and then a whole bunch. I like it that other people like these skeins as much as I do. (Which reminds me: I recently told Charles, "You just like liking stuff." Whether this is an insult or compliment depends on your personal glass-empty-half-full rating. And in Charles's case, a half-full glass is just a darned good excuse to explain surface tension to an innocent bystander. But I digress.)

Just shipped off yesterday's knitting kit orders. Had to find three different red drop boxes to fit them in. But off they go, all nestled in their tissue paper, to their new homes.

I posted another idea to Handmade Gift Ideas...

And, I'll have some new knitting kits soon with a brand new yarn called Sara. Another Sweatermaker Yarns beauty, in a superwash blend. There will be a new pattern to go along with it for a hat and fingerless mitts, in two styles. And for those of you with youth on your gift list, I will say that my son has actually requested to wear one of the hats. This is highly unusual since most of my knitted stuff is too "womanly" (his word) to be worn by a 13-year-old male. I'll share pictures of the hat in question soon.