Short Rows meet Short Swords

By Megan Goodacre

Short Rows meet Short Swords

(I know, I know, he's holding a two-bladed battle axe, not a short sword. Don't be pedantic!)

Have you noticed the connection between Nerd and Knitting? Not only have I noticed a lot of software engineers, programmers, web designers, and scientists who are knitters or married to knitters, but knitting requires a certain love of counting, math and geometry. A love of the internet and gadgets. Charts and diagrams. Sharing esoteric techniques. And a dash of whimsy.

So why am I talking about this? DH Charles and an illustrious band of Adventurer-Nerds (I can call them that because I'm married to one) launched a Kickstarter project today! It's called Tabletop Forge and it has something to do with online role playing games. (I know, that sounds dirty, but it's really not). I'll be honest, I'm no RPG expert, so I'll let the project description explain:

Update June 10, 2012: Wow! Tabletop Forge reached its Kickstarter goal in less than 24 hours!

What is Tabletop Forge?

Tabletop Forge is a virtual tabletop application that lives inside of a Google+ Hangout. The application allows you to play pen & paper roleplaying games as well as strategy/board games online with other players from around the world. 

With a host of useful features, we hope to support as many game types as possible:

  • Robust dice rolling

  • Battle maps with grid overlays

  • Tokens with editable fields

  • Macros for storing frequently used commands

  • Custom tables so you can roll from user created lists or card decks


And the rewards for Pledging are quite adorable, ranging from Rusty Dagger to the Rod of Wonder or the Vorpal Sword. I know, "Rod of Wonder" sounds dirty too. Could these Adventurer-Nerds be a little repressed?

So if you or someone you love is an Adventurer-Nerd, check out Tabletop Forge on Kickstarter.