Simplicity Itself: The Arbois Cardigan Collar

By Megan Goodacre

Simplicity Itself: The Arbois Cardigan Collar

The Arbois cardigan collar is so simple, but quite versatile. It's a rectangular extension from the neckline, and in the pattern, I continued the buttons from the button band all the way to the end.

You can wear the collar buttoned and slouched, which styles it like a funnel neck, or you can fold it like a turtle neck.

I like how cosy it is buttoned all the way up. It emphasizes the clean geomtric lines of Arbois. This would look great under a trench coat in cold weather.

Arbois Cardigan Turtle Neck Collar

If you leave it unbuttoned from just above the bust line and allow the front edges to fold back, the collar will hang down the back a little like a sailor collar. This is quite a different look from the funnel neck, and emphasizes the back of the neck and softens the shoulder line.

Arbois Cardigan Button Down Collar

The wide collar plus the a-line silhouette remind me of E. H. Shepard illustrations of Christopher Robin. Or this sketch of his called On the Train. Now I just need a big hat.

E H Shepard

You could modify the Arbois collar quite easily: for example, make it much taller to have more dramatic options. Or, widen it at the base and wear it buttoned for a true cowl neck.

Or turn it into a hood, doing something like this: work the collar until it's about 10 inches high, then decrease 1 st each side of center every right side row for about 3 inches, then join the top of the hood with a 3 needle bind off.