Sneak peek: Cardigan season is coming!

By Megan Goodacre

Sneak peek: Cardigan season is coming!

Can you feel that change in the air? That sound... What is it? Like a million parents with a new spring in their step?

Remember that Calvin and Hobbes strip, where Calvin's mom sends him out to the bus stop two and a half hours early for the first day of school, and Hobbes says "I've never seen your mom humming and sashaying around the kitchen like that"?

That's what the sound is: sashaying.

But seriously, kids are wonderful (I'm obligated to say that). No, really.

You know the other good thing about this time of year? Yes, cardigans! I love cardigans, and I've got more than one lined up. So here's a peek at one of them, the Arbois.

Hint: it's seamless, long, collared, and deliciously comfortable.