Snoods, Cowls and Hamsters

By Megan Goodacre

Snoods, Cowls and Hamsters

I've been neglecting the blog this month. I was trying to rest my hands from knitting and typing for a couple of weeks while simultaneously meeting deadlines. (This can't really be done btw). So the mental hamster wheel has been spinning. (The hamsters are always there, and if my hands stop moving, they start.)

Let's find out what the hamsters have been up to:

Logos. I have got to stop writing my website address on the back of grocery receipts and candy wrappers as my business card. That is not Good Branding. Today I declare I WILL spend the day cuddled on the couch with a sketchbook. Hurrah!!

Ergonomics. Especially knitting ergonomics. Having found myself on this serendipitous path of knitting design, I can't have my wrists and hands crap out on me now. So I'm doing some research and there will be an article about this soon. English vs Continental? Norwegian purl? Light yarn vs heavy yarn? Bamboo vs metal? Straight vs circ? Minions who do the knitting for you? I'm thinking trained hamsters.

Knitted gifts. Even though it's Fall 2011 out there, it's Winter 2012 in my hamster wheel. (Why does she keep talking about hamsters? I thought this was a website about knitting? Shhhhh, don't interrupt.) What do we want to give vs what do people want to receive? Should you knit a whole sweater in secret as a gift? Ever? (The answer is almost always no). What things make the best knitted gifts? Fingerless mitts, cowls, hats, socks, scarves, shawls. Let me say this: don't make a sweater vest for someone unless that person has requested one in writing. Don't get me wrong. I love sweater vests. If it were up to me, we would all wear them. But they are, shall we say, nerdy? Yes, by all means, make sweater vests, just be careful about knitting them as gifts.

Asos Snood

My vote for best gift? Cowls! (Or "snoods," but I've never taken to that word. Or you could call them "infinity scarves"). And I'm not just saying this because of the new Ferguson Cowl. They're great. A little less knitting than scarves, more stylish, and they stay put, making them hard to lose. Good for men or women. Dogs can wear them (according to the internet). Wear one, and you don't even need to get dressed. Look at the girl on the left, she's still in her pajamas (image via hush). I look like that right now (minus the snood). And the man in your life WILL look like the guy on the right (image via ASOS).

Want to get inspired by cowls or snoods? Check out the pins on Pinterest: CowlsSnoods.

Okay, the hamsters have a lot more to say, but we'll leave it for tomorrow.