Special issue of Threads

By Megan Goodacre

Special issue of Threads

I was at Shoppers Drug Mart today, trying to use up our Shoppers points (Americans, do you have Shoppers Drug Mart?) and so got to treat myself to some magazines. And I spied this: Threads magazine Fitting issue. JACKPOT.

I'm as much a seamstress as a knitter. Or at least I used to be, before it got harder and harder to find really good fabric. I love the logic of making patterns and usually make or customize my own. Any craft that involves special rulers, geometry, and fabric stores is a good fit for my personality. A good fit, get it? erf erf.

Anyways, if you sew, or are interested in how to make sweaters that fit, check out this magazine. Not everything translates to knitting of course (luckily knitting is a lot more forgiving), but many of the principles of fit and measuring are the same.

A few of the things I've found so far in the magazine:

How to correctly take (all) your measurements,

How to customize your mannequin to your shape,

How to make the perfect armhole,

How to make the perfect sleeve,

How to add bust darts,

How to determine your correct bra size,

Draft the best pants pattern for your shape,

Customizing for shoulder slope,

Fitting with muslin (that one really makes me want to sew)

Okay, post script here. I read the little column on how to determine your bra size. And you know how everyone always says "most women don't know their correct bra size"? I would like the Mythbusters to tackle this one.

What nonsense. Of course you know if your bra fits or not. Who started this myth that the majority of women are so clueless they wear the wrong bra size their entire lives?

Anyways, just to make sure I wasn't ranting in a badly fitting bra, I double-checked. And yes, I do indeed know my bra size. Booyah.

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