Spring Cleaning

By Megan Goodacre

Spring Cleaning

The birds are singing, and my studio overfloweth with yarn and stuff, so I must clean.

I started with yarn (more on that later, but be forewarned a major destash pile is going to the June Ottawa Guild stash swap) and then moved on to swatches and buttons (more on that later too).

I even wrote a little article on tidying your knitting swatches. It may not seem like the kind of thing that needs an article, but sometimes it helps to have someone else break it down for you. Like those reality TV shows where the host helps a hoarder clean their garage. It's all about facing hard truths and stacking things neatly.

I swatch a lot. And they pile up. And when the pile gets too big, it gets messy and stops being useful. It also overwhelms me because I think I should be designing a pattern to go with all those swatches.

So last week, I did a stern sorting of the swatches. Total weight, btw, 1.8 kilos. (The stack in the picture at the top is just one of many.) Which doesn't sound like much. But I guess that's about 3 sweaters worth.

And of course one must finish spring cleaning with hipster-style photo of one's snack. (Recipe for shake: 1/4 blender of milk, large scoop vanilla yogurt, 2 bananas, blend. Then fill blender to 2/3 mark with frozen strawberries. Blend. Makes 1 blenderful).

Hipster Shake