Spring is the best

By Megan Goodacre

Spring is the best

This beautiful spring is making me forget that foul winter. Winter? What winter? I found this lovely bower of lilacs in a little-used path by the parkway. I haven't ventured in before today because there are signs saying warning: poison ivy. I don't really know what poison ivy looks like, so I've been avoiding it. But look how picturesque! And I was careful not to touch anything.

ETA: I looked up poison ivy. Definitely saw some of that in there!

Yesterday I vowed to get 3 of my 4 active knitting projects Off the Needles this week. Well, one down, two to go.

And I complained about my long run yesterday. Today I remembered this handy trick: if running is too hard, Slow the F*** Down. What a dummy. Today's run was slower, and a success.

It did help that I stopped to admire the baby geese by the river. I guess the babies get tired of supporting the weight of all that fluff, because they sit down frequently and randomly.

baby geese ottawa river

And does anyone know what this flower is? Looks like a honeysuckle, but it's more of a bush than a vine. They are everywhere, in both pink and white. I think I'd like to put one at the back of our yard, which is a bit of an afterthought area, with a stump, some weeds, and lots of Nerf bullets.

ETA: Just looked this up. Darn, it's a non-native, invasive, bush honeysuckle. Oh well. It is pretty though.