Sweatermaker Yarns: primping

By Megan Goodacre

Sweatermaker Yarns: primping

Busy busy busy. Computer behaving itself. For the moment. Children home with colds. Gah.

Yesterday I happened to notice how nice these skeins looked by the window. And how nicely the Sweatermaker Yarns logo complemented the colours of the yarn. Isn't that a nice logo? I think Judy's son designed it for her.

Yes, more knitting kits are on the way.

Another post added to Gift Ideas. And yes, it involves chocolate.

maggie-5238 maggie-5239

PS. Why is there a logo in the corner of the images? I'm learning how to use Adobe Lightroom. At first, I thought it was a bloated substitute for Adobe Bridge, but oh, it's so much more powerful. So the watermark for two reasons. One, because I figured out how easy it is to export images from Lightroom with all my custom settings, awesome! And two, I'm wondering if watermarks solve a lot of the controversial problems around image copyright on the web? I love it when something from my site is pinned or shared, but images get disconnected from their authors very quickly. Food for thought. Mmm, food...