Sweatermaker Yarns website

By Megan Goodacre

Sweatermaker Yarns website

Small-town Pacific Northwest living is a pretty sweet lifestyle. Not a bustling metroplis, sure, but we've got the ocean, the mountains, good restaurants, 2 local yarn stores, and the kids can walk to school. We can walk downtown, but more importantly I can walk to the studio of Sweatermaker Yarns. How great is that?

Since I'm a web designer by day, and a knitter by night (or is it the other way round?), I sometimes feel I'm living a double life. So it's really fabulous when I get to design a website and take photos for an artisan yarn producer.

Judy Maclean is a hand spinner, hand dyer, weaver, and knitter, and in making the site, I got a glimpse at her incredible inventory of yarn. Check out the new site www.sweatermakeryarns.com.

Sweatermaker Yarns