Technology and hats

By Megan Goodacre

Technology and hats

It is officially December. Door 2 on the advent calendar has been opened. A box of After Eights has been bought and partially consumed. Don't you hate it when someone takes a chocolate but leaves the little envelope in the box? You stick your hand in, looking for a treat, and all you get is a handful of paper.

And in the spirit of the holidays and childish behaviour, my hard drive has decided to protest all the extra work it's expected to do and behave very badly. So badly that I was unable to edit all the photos I took on Friday of new Sweatermaker Yarns. Ah well, full backup and recovery it is. Time Machine has been saying "preparing backup" for about 30 minutes now. How tedious.

I have 6 hats on the table, waiting for me to weave in the ends, and one more hat on the needles.

Are you looking for ideas for handmade gifts? I'm always bookmarking cool craft projects, but don't often have time to carry through. Maybe I'll start a new blog category for Handmade Gift Ideas… Yes, it's decided. Gift Idea #1 is ready.