Thank youishness

By Megan Goodacre

Thank youishness

I was roaming Pinterest yesterday (best form of procrastination ever), pinning, checking out repins, and ended up on Kirsten Johnstone's blog, assemblage. (One of the designs in Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People, is by Kirsten Johnstone. These uber-talented people just fill me full of... what is this feeling? Admiration? Envy? Yes, I'm a petty person).

Anyways, among the beautiful photos on assemblage (which make me wish I had the restraint to make minimalist designs, I always need to tart things up with ruffles and lace) there was a post about being thanked and saying thank you (I can't find the post now, but it has a photo of roses).

So anyways, as I get very slowly to my point, it made me think of test knitters. People message me from all over, mostly with positive comments (yes, I get the occasional hate mail which makes me feel like a celebrity) and some of them offer, unprompted, to test knit.

If you are a Ravelry user, and you haven't already, check out the testing groups. It's quite incredible how many knitters are in there, offering to test for self-publishing designers. I posted a request for a shawl test in the Testing Pool, and within 24 hours, testers were casting on!

To have a group of people move into action like that is pretty wild. (If you've ever tried to organize a group of people to, say, go for lunch at the same time in the same place, you'll understand why this is exciting).

So I'm sending warm fuzzy thoughts and a big thank you to all test knitters: they are Women (and Men) of Action!