This again?

By Megan Goodacre

This again?

Since this is my third March in Ottawa, I should be used to it. Snow on the ground. A suspicious scarcity of robins on March 23. And, really, I should have noticed earlier that in Ontario, Spring Break is not actually called Spring Break." It is called "March Break." Ah, I'm catching on.

The persistent cold weather brings out different behavioural responses in the population. I'm sure it could be used as a psychological evaluation to determine personality types:

  1. The Climatically Insane: "Cold? It's not cold. Pass me that frisbee."

  2. The Character Builder: "You just have to get used to it. Join me on a 20-mile snowshoe trek, and then we'll build a snow cave and sleep in it."

  3. The Hibernator: [unable to hear response, subject refuses to open door for fear of drafts]

  4. The Turned-Evil-by-Cold: "If you ask me to go snowshoeing one more time I will plunge this icicle through your chest."

I'm about a 3.5 right now. And I'm pretty sure the Ice Queen of Narnia was a 2 before she was transplanted to a cold climate.

The cool thing about keeping a blog is that I can see a record of what was happening This-Time-Last-Year.

March 2013: Just finishing the Idiot's Guide to Knitting and moving to Ottawa:



And last March, I was pretty deep into CalmSea work and didn't re-emerge in earnest until April. But when I did, I wrote a post titled I hope the Easter Bunny has a warm jacket. So this cold March is not so unusual at all.



Anyways, since the completion of my Mystery Project (still a secret, but the top image is a tiny glimpse) I haven't been knitting. But I have been dabbling with knitting machines (very briefly) and crochet (still at it). I've never been certain how I felt about crochet, but I'm warming to it, and I feel like I really ought to know a little more about it. More on that later.