Twist Collective Winter 2011

By Megan Goodacre

Twist Collective Winter 2011

Perfect sunny morning for a leisurely perusal of Twist Collective Winter 2011. Some beautiful designs in this one. Here are three that speak to me right away; I think it's the emphasis on construction, classic shapes, and the simple but sophisticated use of stitch texture.

Look at the transition from the ribbing to the body on Corinth. Reminds me of delicate Gothic architecture. (Yes I know, "delicate" and "Gothic" sounds like an oxymoron, but at its best, Gothic design emphasizes airiness and soaring heights with slender vertical ribbing and pillars. Hurrah art history class!).

Jaina and Corinth are both lovely examples of how to use hand-dyed yarns. And the angora in Oscillate really makes it a "sweater girl" sweater.

Left to right: Jaina by Thayer Preece (photo Jane Heller), Oscillate by Amy Herzog (photo Jane Heller), Corinth by Christa Giles photo James Brittain