Two thousand and whuh?

By Megan Goodacre

Two thousand and whuh?

It's blowing my mind a little that's it's 2013 tomorrow. I was thinking, the other day, picking out pine needles from underneath the baseboards, how futuristic 2013 sounds. And what about 2050? The kids will be middle aged... I know, weird right?

But enough existential monologuing, let's get back to craft stuff. I'm going to be styling a whole bunch of photos this week, so have started a Pin board for ideas. And I am blown away by how high the bar is for how-to, craft, and cooking photography. Even the humblest blogs are creating images that look like they fell out of a high-end magazine. I hope someone will study this phenomenon some day (2050 anyone?) because I think it's fascinating. I think the Martha Stewart franchise had a lot to do with it.

Remember DIY and craft books from the late 70s? They had a very particular aesthetic. Like old Sunset Books on macrame or home decorating or Italian cooking.

Stayed up way too late pinning; there are so many talented stylists and photographers out there. And good ideas too!