Ultimate Knitting Bible by Sharon Brant

By Megan Goodacre

Ultimate Knitting Bible by Sharon Brant

At our house, if a surface isn't covered in bags/baskets/boxes of yarn, or softly rustling drifts of graph paper, then it's probably creaking under the weight of a few dozen knitting magazines and books. But the Ultimate Knitting Bible: A Complete Reference with Step-by-Step Techniques by Sharon Brant has been at the top of the pile this week.

It's wonderfully thorough and all the instructions are accompanied by clear, precisely drawn illustrations.

What stands out about this book is the way it covers more than one or two angles. For example, in the Knitting Basics chapter, Sharon Brant doesn't just include one or two methods for Holding the Needles and Yarn, she shows The English Method, The Scottish Method, The Continental Method, and the Left-handed Method.

Every section provides explanations and alternatives. The Table of Contents cover: Knitting Basics, Structure and Shaping, Texture with Stitches, Types of Knitting, Knitting with Colour, Embellishments, Professional Finishing Techniques, Troubleshooting, Designing and Adapting Patterns, and Crochet for Knitting. Also included are a Conversion table and Glossary.

Sharon Brant