Um, here's a picture of beer

By Megan Goodacre

Um, here's a picture of beer

Well, you can certainly tell that Tricksy Knitter is on vacation.

The weather in Victoria is perfection. Why did we move again?

Dinner with old friends and six boys last night.

Fresh fruit galore.

And some charming local beer branding. I'm always paying attention to packaging, labelling, and branding. Partly because, being a graphic designer, I have to (try to) stay current on what's happening. But also because I have a design fetish. And, because I'm teaching a branding workshop in august, the obsession has gone up to 11.

I'm a sucker for cool labels and free stuff so I bought the beer (the coasters were free). Didn't actually get to try any, oops. Cool illustrations though right? The fox is my favourite.

This is new beer from the 4 mile pub brewery. When I was little, the 4 mile was a typical pub, and I seem to remember that they were known for having good sticky buns. Back in the 80s when sticky buns were the rage.