Using Hand Dyed Yarns: New Project

By Megan Goodacre

Using Hand Dyed Yarns: New Project

There seems to be an explosion, nay, a veritable panoply, of hand dyed yarns available. Etsy is chock full of them, and most local yarn stores carry a little bit of artisan yarn. It's a lovely luxury purchase, and it's great to support a fiber artisan.

And some of these artisans dye in smallish lots which sell out really fast, so that skein feels even more precious. Some of them sell so quickly that it's almost impossible to find the yarn in stock; instead, you commit to a yarn club and you get a new yarn every month or two.

I have a hard time resisting hand dyed skeins, (check out my Yarn Inspiration pinterest board for some that I've been coveting) especially in lace and fingering weights. But then my stash fills up with single skeins of hand dyed lace.

So one of my current design projects is a wide rectangular shawl for lace or fingering yarn, designed to showcase the yarn. Nothing frilly or fussy, quite modern, a relaxing knit; I love watching the way the different colours cluster together and make new combinations.

Some hand dyed yarns that I've been ogling lately (in no particular order):

Sweetgeorgia Yarns,

Dye for Wool,

Sweatermaker Yarns,

Madeline Tosh,


Fresh from the Cauldron,



Hedgehog Fibers,

Springtree Road,

Skein Yarns,

Saffron Dyeworks.

If you know of any other gems, please leave a comment!