Warm thoughts of yarn

By Megan Goodacre

Warm thoughts of yarn

Do you like to think about yarn? Me too. What I have, what I'd like to have, how much I have. Oh dear, I just realized I'm Winnie the Pooh. Counting pots of honey. Bother.

Well never mind that. Thought about yarn a lot today. So much so that I had to start another Pinterest board, Yarn inspiration.

So if you're into yarn, or trying to get someone else hooked on yarn, or trying to buy a gift for a yarn lover, you might find these new articles handy:

how to buy yarn

yarn fiber

yarn weights terminology and us vs uk standards

Oh yarn. It was cute, I was trawling the web for luxury yarn photos, and found Jade Sapphire, a hand-dyed, 12-ply, 100% cashmere at Purl Soho. And when you click on the image, it says "How many would you like?" Well, all of them, obviously. What a silly question.