Warning: Knitting for babies might get sentimental

By Megan Goodacre

Warning: Knitting for babies might get sentimental

There aren't many babies in my life these days. My babies are hulking kids now; they're still adorable (to me) but they are loud and sometimes a little smelly and think "poo" and "fart" are the funniest words ever.

I'm working on some knitted baby props for Karen McKinnon, and so I've been looking at beautiful soft-focus newborn photography (check out my Tricksy Babies Pinterest board). And I can't help getting sentimental, even though my babies were never tiny like that, they came out big, like miniature rugby players.

When I was still pregnant with Christopher, I started a little business, making made-to-order kimonos and baby clothes from organic cotton. (This was before Etsy and digital SLR cameras, which would have made it so much easier!)

Anyways, I thought I'd share a few photos from that little experiment. (I talked about this a tiny bit in my article for Knit magazine). See what I mean about hulking babies? He's brand new in these pictures!