We should all be dancing

By Megan Goodacre

We should all be dancing

It might be all the tryptophan in the air these days, but I've got this warm fuzzy feeling about knitting, and knitters, and ravelry, and yarn. It's all so great, and it's letting me do something pretty darned fun.

After school yesterday, we went to the Comox waterfront, and middle C took some great pictures of the two new sweaters that will be coming soon. Little C sat in the sun with his book and cheered us on occasionally. After, we went for artisan gelato at Benino's. (In answer to your question: passionfruit, limoncello, mint chocolate chip.)

Later, in the grocery store, the music track was set on DiscoRetroFlashback, and it turns out that middle C has got a pretty mean ironic disco groove while pushing a grocery cart. It was all so idyllic, him in his fancy sneakers and skinny jeans, the Bee Gees singing just for us; the woman behind the seafood counter called out to him, "Hey, no groovin' while you're shopping!" But he just kept on dancing.

Still high on the Bee Gees, I got home and thought, we need to show our appreciation to all the readers and knitters that have helped get the Tricksy Knitter hot air balloon off the ground. (I know, I'm really mixing metaphors. Maybe it is the tryptophan.)

The point is, Thank YOU. And this Thank YOU takes the totally awesome form of 40% off all notebooks. Now until October 16th, just use the coupon groovy in your checkout.