Weekly Bind off November 10

By Megan Goodacre

Weekly Bind off November 10

Is it really the 10th of November already? Are we really nearing the end of 2012? Whuh?? 

Sorry I missed my weekly bind off for November 3rd. Between flying back to Courtenay, jet lag and "sewing" a last minute cowboy vest for a zombie cowboy, that week was nuts.

Sewing is in air quotes because I actually just took an ugly faux leather vest from the thrift store and cut it to look more "western". Not really "sewing". I could say I "hacked" it, in the parlance of our times.

So, 13 lbs of Halloween candy collected, and we're back on track. Have a great weekend.

On an official note, tomorrow is Remembrance Day. A day to honour and remember. This time of year, the kids get school assignments like "list 3 things that Remembrance Day means".

At first it seemed like a cliched assignment, but it was a good opener for a very interesting discussion. Which war is called what, why and when they happen, can be terribly confusing ideas to children.

But I try to tell them that Remembrance Day is a day to think about people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for others.