Whimsy Has Landed!

By Megan Goodacre

Whimsy Has Landed!

We've been dropping a lot of hints, but now we can let these little critters loose! Four new cover designs for the Tricksy Knitter graph notebooks! And they were so much fun to design (and name).

Adventure has an original illustration of four fiber friends sailing off in their own hot air balloon. I think we should name them. Be sure to check out the back of the book, the illustration wraps all the way around.

Notebook Adventure


Cupcake was voted on by you wonderful people, thank you for making it so much fun. We took the chocolate all the way to dark cocoa. It has a very edible palette and a nice retro vibe.

Cupcake Knitting Notebook

Sassy is a cousin to Prima, because we felt like we needed some saucy red books.

Sassy Knitting Notebook


And Frolic, because drawing little animals was a little too much fun. This one is like an old-fashioned calico fabric, but with more critters.

Frolic Knitting Notebook