Who loves shopping?

By Megan Goodacre

Who loves shopping?

So it begins.

The Christmas decorations have been on display at Costco since April, but you know it's really shopping time when your inbox starts filling up with Black Friday deals. And some of them are really good too. I just got $15 off something from my youngest's Christmas wish list, and free shipping.

Not to tempt you more, but I'm jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon and offering 30% off all patterns until midnight on Sunday. Just use the coupon Friday! when you checkout.

Okay, confession time: I'm always a little vague on these cultural-invented-date things. March Madness, Movember, you know that kind of thing. And Canadian Thanksgiving is different than American Thanksgiving, and Easter moves around like crazy.

I usually have to look them up. So anyways, for many years, being an 80's child, I (naturally) thought Black Friday was related to Bloody Sunday (you know the U2 song?) and could not understand why people went shopping.