Ravelry is a wonderful thing

By Megan Goodacre

Ravelry is a wonderful thing

Do we say it enough? Ravelry is a wonderful thing

I know it makes me sound a little old. "Back in Ye Olde Times, we didn't have computers and we had to whittle our own knitting needles..." But I love what the internet has done for knitting. The potential for community development, self-publishing, technical knitting advancement, is incredible. One knitting magazine (or was it a blog?) called Ravelry a "fairy tale" and that remark has stuck with me. When you log in and see 4000 other people are online with you at that very moment, it's pretty wild.

I spent the morning writing a little article about Ravelry for the Knitter's Toolbox, and came away with even more admiration for this knitting phenomenon. And even in the last hour, since I started writing the article, another 150 people have registered.

Ravelry is a wonderful thing. There, I said it again.